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    If you are a loved one has sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident don’t try to handle the injury claim on your own. Our experienced team of slip and fall lawyers at Koussan Law have extensive knowledge of the Michigan state law governing premises liability and we will fight hard for you and your rights.

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    Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall


    What is Premises Liability?

    Premises liability is a legal concept used to determine whether property owners are responsible when people are injured on their premises. A slip-and-fall due to dangerous conditions on the property is one example. If you’re injured in a slip-and-fall, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney to maximize your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries. Attorneys can investigate the circumstances and gather necessary evidence to verify whether the property owner’s negligence caused the injuries to prove your case.

    Michigan premises liability injuries may include, but are not limited to:

      1. •Slipping and falling


      1. •Snow and ice


      1. •Animal bites


      1. •Poor property maintenance


      1. •Unsafe or dangerous conditions


      1. •Building code violations


      1. •Swimming pool accidents


      •Amusement Park accidents


    Slip and Fall Injuries

    Michigan Slip and Falls are one of the most common premises liability concerns. Injuries related to slips and falls can be serious and sometimes fatal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that every 1 out of 5 falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.

    The legal team at Koussan Law understands the pain and suffering that an incident like this can introduce into your daily life. Physical injuries and medical bills can increase stress, which only adds to the challenge of seeking fair compensation for injuries caused by someone else. It can be overwhelming to navigate your way through the premises liability claims process, and that is why Koussan Law is here to help. Our expert attorneys have the experience to make the legal process simple and painless for you.

    Our attorneys will investigate the case to understand all legal claims and arguments. Proof of the existing dangerous conditions at the time of the incident is valuable for a good defense. This evidence could be in the form of your shoes at the time of your slip and fall, photos, videos, witness statements, and/or incident reports. When we take on your case, our personal injury attorneys will work hard to build a strong case to get the compensation you deserve.

    Michigan law allows 3 years from the incident to file a premises liability claim, and if the accident occurs in a public place, such as on a sidewalk, notice must be given to the relevant government agency within 120 days. It is crucial to get the right legal advice from an attorney who understands Michigan state law as soon as possible after an injury has occurred, and Koussan Law is eager to help you. Call us today at (313) 444-8348 to speak with our legal team.



    How Much Time Do You Have to File a Michigan Slip and Fall Case?

    Generally, the Michigan statute of limitations (the time that you are allowed to file a lawsuit) is 3 years from the date that the personal injury occurred.

    It’s always best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your slip-and-fall accident. Necessary evidence may be quickly removed after the incident, so the sooner you contact a lawyer, the more likely evidence for your case may be preserved.

    In addition, it may take time for the unsafe condition of the property to be clarified, and for your case to be firmly established. Your attorney will need to not only gather evidence but also speak to witnesses, file all necessary paperwork, and assess the extent of your injuries.



    We know how devastating it can be to try and recover from a serious injury, especially when combined with the financial burdens associated with healing. It is important to know your rights and avenues of recourse when accidents occur due to another’s negligence. Our compassionate attorneys are here to listen, support, and help you through this challenging time. Call us today at (313) 444-8348 to speak with our legal team.