Side Walk Slip and Falls: What You Need to Know

  With more people out walking, running errands, and participating in outdoor activities slip and falls are just as frequent during the warmer months as they are during the winter.   About 20 percent of falls result in serious injuries, including broken bones and head trauma. If you or someone you know is hurt on someone […]

Which Types of Car Accident Compensation Are Taxable?

  It’s tax season and if you were injured in a car accident and received a settlement you may be wondering whether or not the IRS will require you to pay taxes on it.    Below is a quick rundown of what compensation types are typically not taxable, may be taxable, or not taxable. However, […]

Understanding Michigan’s No-Fault Fee Schedule: A Quick Overview

Finding care under the new no-fault law

Introduction Michigan’s no-fault insurance system is designed to provide timely and efficient compensation for those injured in automobile accidents.  However, despite Michigan No-Fault Fee Schedule is an essential component of this system, dictating the fees that medical providers can charge for services rendered to auto accident victims, there many negative effects which come at the […]